Help Us Stop Unsustainable U.S. Population Growth


Susan Morgan, Ph.D.
"Our role now is to take responsible, practical steps to bring the role of overpopulation to light..."




We need a shift of consciousness in this country and a dynamic change of policy to deal with the perils of rapidly escalating population numbers and unnecessary consumption. Nothing less than the fate of our natural world and the future of civilization itself are at stake.

Whole ecosystems are disappearing due to habitat loss and climate change brought on by human impact. Not enough natural resources exist to support current population and economic growth, even if viable alternative energy technologies are developed.

Population has been the unspoken provocation in discussions of instability around the world -- environmental devastation, loss of biological diversity, economic downturns, wars, food shortages, and infectious disease - and our role now is to take responsible, practical steps to bring the role of overpopulation to light and to slow and reduce population numbers.


 Join Susan and help us apply the brakes to unsustainable U.S. population growth.

Expert on wilderness advocacy and conservation biology.  Forty year career in education positions with leading conservation organizations.

Susan Morgan has been at the heart of the conservation movement for over 40 years.  She has worked with The Wilderness Society, University of the Wilderness, Earth First!, Project Lighthawk, The Wildlands Project, Forest Guardians, The Rewilding Institute, and other groups. 

 She wrote her dissertation on how wilderness advocacy and conservation biology together shaped The Wildlands Project.  She lives in rural northwestern Washington State and advises various conservation groups, as well as working as a free-lance editor.

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